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Every Black life matters

The #BLACKCommunity we have to do better. This is Disgusting!!!! Now is the time that WE should be standing together in unity. A video has surfaced on the internet of a Black trans women named Iyanna Dior who was brutally beaten by a crowd of men in Minneapolis on June 1st. It is saddening to see Iyanna being treated this way, because when she steps out into this world, she is Black first and everything else comes next. WE as the Black LGBT Community are on those same front lines fighting for justice and peace within the community. Let us all band together regardless of who we choose to love or the gender we identify with. Again this young lady is Black first and foremost, which cannot be forgotten as we all fight for our right to live in peace. To our trans siblings we support your wholeheartedly, and we will continue to fight for equity among all people. We ask Black Lives Matter Organizations to stand with us, denounce this violence, and show the LTBTQ community we are all a part of one movement! Every Black life matters.

Carl Thomas President of Indiana Pride Of Color